Introducing Tourism Kelowna’s Corporate Blog

We are thrilled to be introducing Tourism Kelowna’s new corporate blog today! For years we’ve kept you abreast of our projects and initiatives with a quarterly newsletter. But lately we’ve felt that this had its shortcomings – first of all, it meant that we had to save our news for a set distribution date. We wanted to share our news with you immediately, as it happens at Tourism Kelowna.
The beauty of the blog is that you’ll be getting updates from all of us with more regularity, in bite-sized chunks rather than everything all at once. Think of it as a regular coffee update. We couldn’t be more pleased and we hope you’ll find it compelling, too!
You’ll find updates on what each Tourism Kelowna business unit is up to: Communications, Marketing, Sales, Visitor Services, Consumer Programs, Travel Trade, and industry news. Our goal is to make sure you have a place to get up-to-speed on Tourism Kelowna activities, opportunities, and programs at all times. So bookmark our blog, visit regularly, and know that we love to hear from our tourism industry – it’s how we make sure that we are effective marketers for you and our destination.We’ll be including contact information for each Tourism Kelowna staff member who is blogging so that you can provide feedback or ask questions. For starters, here are my coordinates: or call 250-861-1515 ext 202. Please check in often. Happy reading!

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