Visitor Sales & Services Team – always learning

Tourism Kelowna’s Senior Managers hosted an evening workshop for the Administrative, Sales and Marketing staff, along with the Visitor Sales & Services staff and volunteers. Thirty-four (the majority being Airport Info Kiosk Volunteers) were in attendance to hear Nancy Cameron – CEO, Jennifer Horsnell – Director of Sales, Shauna Merritt – Marketing Manager, and Catherine Frechette – Communications Manager present in-depth information about Tourism Kelowna’s 2012 Sales and Marketing Plan, roles within the organization and how this tremendous team and our concerted efforts are linked to one another. This was an excellent opportunity for the volunteers to meet the corporate team and to gain additional knowledge about what each of us does and how it all ties into our marketing efforts.

Our Visitor Sales & Services team is always eager to learn new things and experience new stakeholders’ products. If you would like to provide the opportunity to invite the team for a site visit or presentation to showcase your business, please contact me at or 250.861.1515 ext. 207.

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