Tourism Kelowna Social Media Scores Mega Results in 2012: How You Can Connect Your Biz To Win

Tourism Kelowna - Facebook

Utilizing social media has very quickly become a key tool for us and is integrated into everything we do. Destination advocates, whether they are residents or previous visitors, who express their love for Kelowna are powerful influencers of others and our goal is to increase the number of advocates that Kelowna has…. so come on everyone: talk Kelowna up out there and link to us so we can share your comments and experiences!

2012 Results:

  • 10,525 Facebook Fans
    In our  summer campaign we engaged with our fans, through targeted ads, by offering incentives such as free ice cream, Stand up Paddle Board lessons and peddle boat rentals.
  • Potential Reach through Facebook: 2.4 million
    Our fans on facebook are extremely engaged and often post pictures & videos. They have become true advocates for Kelowna.
  • 10,640 Twitter Followers
    Twitter continues to grow organically. We monitor twitter several times a day and answer questions that visitors are asking before coming to, or while they are in Kelowna.

If you haven’t already connected with us please do so:

Facebook  Twitter  YouTube  Instagram  Pinterest

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