Bringing Kelowna PR to Calgary

Calgary media dinner

At the end of April, I attended a media dinner in Calgary put on by Destination BC with partners attending from various regions and cities around British Columbia (pictured above) and invited media from various publications or high profile blogs from around Calgary. It was a chance to network and pitch writers with Kelowna story angles, and of the 40 media in attendance, I had the opportunity to connect one on one more than 20 writers (and have followed up with all the others to pitch Kelowna story ideas as well). We’ve already seen visits to Kelowna from two of the bloggers I met there, Michael Morrison and Dan Clapson. Both are well followed, influential food/travel writers based in Calgary. Between them they have over 17,000 unique visitors to their blogs each month and a combined social media following (Twitter) of 12,500 people.
We continue to keep in touch with these and other media prospects to pitch Kelowna and are looking forward to a busy summer of hosting and seeing the results in print and online.

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