Wine Bloggers Enjoyed Taste of Kelowna, Results Coming In


Last week Tourism Kelowna and 3 winery partners, CedarCreek Estate Winery, Summerhill Pyramid Winery and Tantalus Vineyards hosted 22 wine bloggers from all over North America on a Kelowna pre-tour before the commencement of the 2013 Wine Bloggers Conference. For details of the pre-tour, please have a look at Tourism Kelowna’s most recent Castanet column, which shares the experiences we offered to the group.

We were very pleased with the social media activity that the pre-tour generated. These wine bloggers were incredibly active on social media and we collected some impressive numbers from the excursion by conducting specific searches using the Tweetreach tool. The following shows the searches we conducted, the number of individual twitter accounts reached, and the impressions of those twitter accounts (in alphabetical order):

Search                                                 Accounts reached       Impressions

@ArlosHoneyFarm and #wbc13          10,308                          36,308
@cedarcreekwine and #wbc13            16,111                          31,626
@eldoradokelowna and #wbc13          1,871                            1,991
@jennyrutherfurd and #wbc13             2,510                            2,694
#kelowna and #wbc13                        29,205                          50,794
@ManteoResort and #wbc13               8,783                            10,198
@smackDABManteo                           8,815                            9,531
@summerhillwine and #wbc13             61,025                          97,478
@TantalusWine  and #wbc13               30,740                          83,378
@TKCatherine and #wbc13                  13,244                          34,452
@Tourism_Kelowna and #wbc13          21,826                          70,367

We’re seeing many of our new Kelowna-loving friends posting stories on their blogs describing their Kelowna adventures (and their favourite wines) and we will be posting these on our Tourism Kelowna Articles webpage.

In the meantime, here are just a few that have already been posted:
Wine Bloggers’ Conference – Pre-Conference Fun
WBC13 – Lakeside Digs at Manteo Resort
Honey & Wine – Arlo’s Honey Farm at Tantalus Vineyards

Check in for more social media activity in the days ahead!

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