2013 Volunteer of the Year


We would like to recognize Penny Venables as the 2013 Volunteer of the Year. Penny has over 360 hours of service between the Airport Information Kiosk and the Visitor Centre in 2013 and almost 3100 hours during her time with Tourism Kelowna! Volunteers are a key component of our Visitor Centres, and Tourism Kelowna is very grateful to the dedication and enthusiasm that our 26 volunteers give to our visitors and operations.

Penny also spends countless hours volunteering in the Kelowna community for other organizations such as the Hot Holiday Homes Fundraiser with Ballet Kelowna. We all know Penny as the keeper of the “ticker” (label maker) however Penny also spends countless hours organizing the storage rooms at the Airport Information Kiosk and Visitor Centre. On top of all of that Penny still manages to welcome every Visitor with a smile, sit on her strata council, and take her mom on exciting adventures such as ziplining for her 100th birthday! Penny, on behalf of all staff, volunteers, and board at Tourism Kelowna, thank-you for all of your hard work!

3 thoughts on “2013 Volunteer of the Year

  1. Congratulations Penny!
    Tourism Kelowna has an exceptional & dedicated team of volunteers and staff.
    Kudos to Chris for his leadership.

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