Tourism Kelowna Tracks Down Sport Events at Toronto Congress


Attending the CSTA’s Sport Events Congress leads to events like Skate Canada International


National sport organizations (NSOs) were the big draw as Tourism Kelowna attended the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance’s 2015 Sport Events Congress, March 30-April 1 in Toronto.

We had exclusive access to NSOs during a BC Sport Group reception on the eve of the Congress. During the Congress, we met face-to-face with 15 NSOs during the one-day Sport Events Exchange.

Match making with NSOs such as Skate Canada can lead to hosting events such as 2014 Skate Canada International in Kelowna. In addition to Skate Canada, we have furthered event discussions with Volleyball Canada, CARHA Hockey, and PGA Tour Canada leading up to our Tourism Kelowna NSO Familiarization Tour in July.

For more information on national events, please contact me at 250-861-1515 ext. 209 or


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